Available Equipment: Richardson Campus

This page lists all the different pieces of media equipment available for reservations on this campus.
Please remember that quantities are not unlimited and equipment may not be available at all times or in all locations.


Needs Follow Up on more details

Outside Normal Hours


Portable Tripod Screen


Sound System in Room

Audio for Laptop

Portable PA - Small (e.g. PA-300 or AN-130)

Wireless Microphone/Handheld

Wireless Microphone/Lavaliere

Handheld Wired Mic

Lavaliere Wired Mic

Portable PA - Large (e.g. JBL / Yamaha)

CD Player

Microphone Stands

Podium Stand for Microphone

Tabletop Stand for Microphone

Floor Stand (34-60")


DVD Player

Remote for DVD


Installed Data Projector for Laptop

Installed Data Projector with PC

Installed Data Projector with DVD

Data Projector with Document Camera

Data Projector for Laptop

Data Projector for Video

Document Camera

Overhead Transparency Projector

35mm Projector w/ Remote

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